• To Drive Or Not To Drive?

To Drive Or Not To Drive?

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WHEN is the right time to stop driving and hang up the car keys for good?

It’s not an easy decision as we age, especially when there’s also a diagnosis of dementia.

Now the Seniors Information Service, in collaboration with SGIC (insurance) and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has started the Dementia and Driving pilot project in Adelaide’s northern metropolitan area.

The project aims to support drivers who have a diagnosis of dementia to consider when is the right time to quit driving.

It also helps doctors who are often faced with supporting the person to make the decision.

The pilot project includes a training program for local GPs on how to manage and approach the issue. It will also distribute the Dementia and Driving Decision Aid booklet, which will be a helpful resource for the person diagnosed with dementia, their family and GPs.

“The booklet is a tool that a person with a dementia diagnosis and their family or the GP can use to have the difficult conversation,” said Seniors Information Service chief executive Jenny Hughes.

“It will, hopefully, reduce the tension that sometimes arises when this topic is discussed.

“Northern suburbs GPs will be able to access training to support their use of the booklet with patients.”

As part of the project, a series of professional development workshops will be held for GPs and practice nurses in Adelaide’s north.

Seniors Information Service, Help Line 8168-8776, SA country callers 1800-636-368,www.seniors.asn.au

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