About Us


About Us

As the husband and wife team behind Bluesky Mobility, Cate and Damian Ryan have seen thousands of examples of lives changed through mobility restored. And as a result, they’re adamant about what really matters in mobility products. “Easy functionality and solid reliability are the most important qualities by far”, says Cate. “It’s no use saving money on a cheaper product if its poor design or performance place limits on your quality of life.”

Knowing great products is important but understanding how the human body works and how to match products to people is vital. “My Sports Science degree placed huge importance on human biology and it’s still something that fascinates me”, says Damian. “Two decades working in healthcare matching equipment to patients and their needs has taught me that no two people are alike, and that investing time into understanding a person’s body and lifestyle is the only way to be sure you are steering them towards the perfect piece of mobility equipment for what they are trying to achieve.”

Insisting on a perfect match for mobility means that ‘off the shelf’ products don’t always deliver the goods, so Bluesky Mobility custom designs its own range of adjustable beds and lift chairs. These products are made in South Australia to Bluesky Mobility’s own demanding quality standards.

Bluesky Mobility also supply:
    • Stair lifts by Stannah
    • Platform lifts by Lehner
    • Mobility scooters by Kymco, Quingo, Solax and E-Traveller

Cate and Damian love owning a business that sees them speaking with customers every day, learning about their lives and helping them live well. The whole Bluesky Mobility team feels the same way – Bluesky is a business that’s about helping people.

Our Range

Our large range of stylishly designed products are made to measure and built for comfort, durability and reliability.

Our Partners

All our products are available for supply through government funded Home Care Packages, and we are a registered NDIS provider. We have strong standing relationships with key corporate partners. The likes of;

  • NDIS
  • National Pharmacies
  • Blue Badge Insurance
  • Care Alert

Our Team

We believe our strength is our staff. Our friendly and caring healthcare consultants have the knowledge and 20 years’ experience to help provide the right mobility solution for your needs. Our fully trained consultants take the time to talk with you, assess your needs, and find out exactly how a Bluesky Mobility solution can offer you the maximum health benefit. Contact us today for a free in-home demonstration and quotation.

Damian Ryan (Co-owner and CEO)

It’s tempting to say that my role at Bluesky involves ‘everything’, but of course I enjoy an enormous amount of help from my wife Cate and our amazing staff. I take care of sales, customer satisfaction, product purchasing and development and also quality control. The essence of my job is simply making sure that our customers are 100 percent happy and that means paying close attention to the quality of the products we make, the brands we’re aligned with and the service we offer. I get enormous satisfaction from seeing our customers rediscover their independence at home with our help. I feel like the qualifications I have in Human Biology are put their best possible use in my work each day. The ‘can do’ attitude of our team makes me very proud, as does our ability to offer an ‘industry best’ 5-year warranty on everything we make and sell.

Cate Ryan (Co-owner & Finance Manager)

I’m the Finance Manager at Bluesky Mobility so that keeps me busy paying the bills, which, after all, pays the bills! Working from home with the dog fast asleep on his lounge alongside me, I handle all the MYOB tasks, invoicing in and out, managing the database, wages and reconciliation. Of course because the buck stops with me as far as the finances are concerned, I also share in the process of making business decisions for Bluesky with Damian. At the end of the day the real satisfaction comes from helping lead a family-owned SA business that delivers life-changing results for its clients.

Peter Worden (Senior Consultant)

My role at Bluesky involves working with Allied Health professionals and support organisations, supplying a range of products – most of which are manufactured in Australia – to help clients enjoy greater independence and comfort. My work can be in our showroom or in private homes, presenting demonstrations and helping people understand products so that they can make informed decisions. I really enjoy working with people and I love seeing the look on the face of a person when they realise just how much easier a product is going to make their life. I’ve spent many years working with Allied Health professionals as well as nursing practitioners I find my job at Bluesky Mobility genuinely rewarding – it’s a family-owned business with a hands-on approach and a progressive attitude.

Mark Nooteboom (Stairlift Technician and Logistics)

At Bluesky Mobility I’m the guy who installs stairlifts and wheelchair platform lifts as well as servicing lifts. But there’s plenty of other tasks to keep me busy such as building beds, delivering scooters, testing and tagging everything electrical and taking care of a wide variety of tasks in the warehouse. There’s lots of variety, that’s for sure, every day is different and I enjoy meeting new people and travelling all over South Australia. The essence of what I love about my job at Bluesky Mobility is that no day is the same as the last one, change is constant and that keeps me interested, along with knowing that what we do helps make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Adam Copley (Technician)

My job as technician at Bluesky Mobility sees me delivering, installing and demonstrating new equipment, as well as taking care of repairs and maintenance. I’m on the road every day and I’ll deliver or service around five pieces of equipment each day, travelling all over the place and meeting new people at every stop. It’s really satisfying to know that the specialised beds and chairs that we offer at Bluesky are premium quality and unique to us, and as a technician I can really see the advantages. Helping improve the lives of people with special needs is something that I have a hand in all the time and that’s a very worthwhile feeling.


Bluesky Mobility’s range and capacity to custom-design products to fit individual needs sets us apart. Our clinical experience and expertise means that we are qualified and capable of consulting with families, hospital and care centre staff alike in order to match mobility equipment to every need and situation.

Individuals and families

Bluesky Mobility consultants visit private homes to speak with individuals and asses their needs for a single piece of equipment or a complete package designed around a person’s lifestyle and goals.

Aged Care Facilities

Our consultants are qualified and experienced working in clinical environments and care centres. Consultation in these situations can be focused on the needs of a single individual, or take a broader approach in outfitting an entire facility with products such as stairlifts, platform lifts, lift and recline chairs and adjustable beds.

Clinics and Medical Centres

Our access to South Australia’s widest range of mobility equipment as well as our capacity to design and manufacture custom-made adjustable beds and lift and recline chairs means that we are constantly working with clinics around South Australia to meet their needs in accommodating clients with special requirements.


At the heart of our business is service and simply helping people, whether that’s one-on-one or at business level. Everybody receives the same level of attention because the key to addressing mobility concerns is taking the time to talk about the expectations and needs of each customer, whether they’re private or commercial .